100 days to go!

February, freezing temperatures and an early spring sun peeps out. The trees, still bare, stretches to the sky, but they first spring birds have already started chirping at dawn. The ice is still in a thin layer on the river, but the days are getting longer and brighter. People still go around in their winter coats, but stop for a moment and turn their face towards the sun as soon as she peeps out.

It is right now I begin to fantasize about May. Sheer newly opened leaves, small purple crocuses in the parks, dandelions looking around in the heat next to the house walls, the smell of grass just reawakening. First day with short sleeves, a coffee in the sun on a terrace, the first soft ice cream, picnic on a blanket in the park. I hear the rhythms of the bateria, see colorful creations whirl past among the dancers, feel the drums vibrate in the body, breathe in the wonderful scents, dancing among friends. It is right now I begin to fantasize about in May, it is right now I really start to long for Kulturernas Karneval!

Today it is 100 days to go until Kulturernas Karneval takes place in Uppsala. Again, we’ll put music to the streets of Uppsala, bring life to the English Park and make our festival area to explode in colors, shapes and music. Again, thousands of people will get to experience hundreds of cultural expressions, lots of new experiences and internal travels. May 20 to 21 is the cultures flourishing in the English Park – in 100 days, again we celebrate Kulturernas Karneval in Uppsala!