About Kulturernas Karneval

Why a carnival?

Kulturernas Karneval is a resounding cultural encounter and a colorful festival. It’s cultural expression in all shapes, colors and tones. The carnival includes a parade and a two-day festival filled with music and dance, a lovely food and handicraft market, a playful childrens area, educational workshops, imaginative exhibitions and meetings with interesting organizations and associations. It’s too much, we know. But it’s Carnival!

The purpose of the festival is to highlight and celebrate society’s diverse range of cultures and its expressions. We want to tribute this rich variety of cultures, each one individually and together. We want to make Sweden warmer. We want to create meetings and community, belonging and pride, joy and optimism. Uppsala should be a city where everyone should feel welcome and a sense of belonging.

About 700 participants in the program and over 100 volunteers make the carnival possible. We have a common dream of a little more spectacle and community in Uppsala. Kulturernas Karneval 2020 will be carried out for the twelfth time in a row and, like last year, the venue will be in Engelska Parken.


The inspiration for Kulturernas Karneval comes from the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin and from the carnival in Olinda / Recife in eastern Brazil. The idea was born to create a similar event for the cultural associations which are in Uppsala city and county, and that would not otherwise get the chance to show themselves to the public. The carnival was held in Uppsala for the first time May 16 2009. The carnival was highly appreciated by both audience and participants. That was the basis for an annual festival in Uppsala. A carnival stands for pride in one’s own expression, but also of creating something together and participate in a larger context.

Sustainable carnival

We want Kulturernas Karneval to do Uppsala and the world a little better, a little more beautiful. Therefore, both the ecological and social sustainability is important to us.

The event should be environmentally friendly. We sort waste, have organic and vegetarian catering to volunteers and artists, coordinates transport to reduce emissions and prioritize market vendors with organic or locally produced products.

The event should be accessible to all, regardless of background and abilities. We offer a free event for all ages and we work for the venue to be available for different human needs, for everyone to feel welcome at the carnival.

Help us to be environmentally friendly by sorting your rubbish at our recycling stations that are placed throughout the venue. The festival is a non-alcoholic event and we ask all visitors to abstain from alcohol on the festival site. We ask smokers to show respect towards their fellow human beings by not smoking in crowds and naturally throw their cigarette butts into the intended vessel.