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Be a part of creating Uppsala's most loving festival!

Be a part of Kulturernas Karneval 2019!

Do you like to meet new people, help with your commitment and make new rewarding experiences? Do you want to take part in cultural expressions while also making a significant and appreciated contribution? Welcome to volunteer with us!

Kulturernas Karneval wants to work together with you as a volunteer to create Uppsala’s most colorful event May 25-26 2019. As a volunteer, you are incredibly important to the festival and in exchange you will get many new exciting and rewarding experiences and fun memories for life!

There are many different types of missions which you can read about below. We hope you will find something that suits you. Registration is done via a form where you will be able to describe your wishes about the type of mission and dates/times. Thank you for wanting to contribute to the creation of Kulturernas Karneval!

What it means to be a volunteer during the event

  • You work at least one 4-hour shift, before, during or after the carnival.
  • You get one meal per 4-hour shifts, and that refreshments are always available to you during these hours.
  • If you volunteer at least 3 shifts (12 hours), you will, against a request, get a working certificate for your volunteer efforts.
  • Clear instructions on what you are expected to do as well as information on who is responsible for your area.
  • You are insured with an accident insurance. This applies if volunteers injure themselves during working hours at the event.
  • That your comments will be utilized in the development and implementation of voluntary work.
  • Pre-approved expenses will be compensate
  • An after party for volunteers and other participants.
  • Meetings with interesting people and lots of fun memories!
  • Read more in our volunteer policy: Click here!
  • You are invited to a volunteer meeting and introduction.
    Date and time will be announced later.

Information about the different task areas


Carnival parade

Coordination of the parade!

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As a volunteer in the carnival parade you will help to coordinate the parade so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Using radios you and the other functionaries have contact in keeping the parade on schedule, that no large gaps occur, if necessary let the traffic through, the roadblocks are manned and provide information to the participating groups. Since safety and communication is important in this mission you must attend at an introductory meeting before the Carnival (date to be announced in April).


Construction and demolition

Help the venue grow!

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In this mission, you build the venue days before the carnival and tear it down again after the big party. The main task is to build tents, but you will also exhibit stalls, floors, chairs, tables and benches. The work is physically exhausting, but also one of the most rewarding by seeing how the venue is emerging thanks to you. After the carnival we take, satisfied and happy, it all down again.


Decoration of festival site

Pennants, stage decorations and art

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For the festival site to be nice and colorful our Art Group do an extensive work on the decorations. In this assignment you will help with the installation of decorations, art installations and signage of the area. After the carnival we need nimble fingers who can help with the dismantling of all the decoration. If you are in this group, you work before and/or after the carnival, but not during the event itself.


Stage program

Artist, stage and backstage host

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The Carnival has 3 stages and over 100 different program items. In this mission you keep the program flowing as smoothly as possible. You can be a stage manager, artist host or backstage host. You work together for communication between artists and organizers to work on the spot; welcoming artists, be sure that they know their times and keep track of the stages schedule. Here you will experience the program behind the scenes! You should be a communicative person and have the ability to maintain a friendly reception even under stressful situations.


Environment, comfort and cleaning

Make the festival area comfortable

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For the carnival to be as sustainable and pleasant as possible, we need people who want to work for the environment. In this mission, the whole carnival area is ​​your workplace and you are in constant motion. You make sure that the recycling stations works and are emptied properly, you make sure that the ground is clean and nice for optimal comfort. Our dear portable loos need superficial supervision to make sure that there is paper and soap. The environmental group are a great team who help to make the carnival a little bit nicer for everyone!



Move carnival equitment around

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Much things needs to be transported to the venue and the same amount is to be transported back afterwards. In this mission, you are either a driver or transportation carrier. As a driver, you drive one of our cars with trailer or a light truck and you therefore need a driving license. As a carrier, it is enough that you are set on having to load and unload in all weathers. Lighter transports in the near area will be done on bicycle with trailers, which means that even people without a driving license can help!


Photography and Documentation

Capturing moments!

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Of course we want the carnivals joyful moments to be documented in photo and video. Here are the creative assignments for both professionals and talented amateur photographers! You use your own camera and get some guidelines on what you are going to focus on in your documentation of the carnival. Images and videos is collected on site during the carnival. Catch the carnival with us!


Information and serving

Helping people!

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In this mission you are a happy carnival informant who greet visitors and hand out programs. While you are giving them information, you also ask them if they want to make a voluntary contribution to the carnival donation collection. In the serving, you will help keep other volunteers fed and happy by working in the voluntary oasis where you keep track of food and refreshments. If you are interested in food you can make an effort both in the planning and execution and be part of the work to make the carnival more sustainable – the food should be green and good in both our stomachs and to the environment.


Childrens area

Play, fun and laughter!

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The Childrens area is a valued part of the carnival with a program that attracts the younger ones to play and laugh. Are you a person who is good to have an overview of the eventful areas or are you perhaps childishly playful? In the assignment you can be an area manager to ensure that the program is followed and that things work calmly and safely, or you can be a volunteer at various play stations, for example as face painter, team leader of games and plays or crafts-motivator.



Parking spaces, backstage and festival area

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Like to supervise and guide people right? As a guard you can be responsible for parking for participants, roadblocks during the carnival parade, guard the backstage area or guard the area during the late night hours. In all cases, you are given a physical area of ​​responsibility (often with another) and certain tasks.


Stage engineer

Light and sound engineer!

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Do you have experience in sound engineering and a passion for fast modulation of stages? In this mission, you get the opportunity to use these skills on one of the larger stages where you are assistant to the sound engineers. If you have the knowledge required, you can also be a sound engineer at one of the smaller stages.


Secret Mission

Read more below!

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The secret mission is perfect for you who likes to dance and spread some joy. Between 12-14 PM May 26 our fabulous Carnival Train walks around Uppsala and we need you to help out with spreading the joy of dancing! The mission is simple, dance together with the train and pump up the crowd to come along!


Team leader

Be the leader of a volunteer team

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Do you like the role of a leader? Like to motivate other people? Then apply to be a team leader where you will guide volunteers in your area. Aside from the valuable experiences, joy and community, you will get an education before the carnival, focusing on information and good leadership to make the experience as good as possible for everyone involved. To apply for this volunteer mission you need to have experience as a leader in a related context, you can work 12 hours in total between May 24 – May 27 and you can be able to participate in the education May 13.

Thank you for wanting to be a part of creating Kulturernas Karneval!