Participate in Kulturernas Karneval

Engelska Parken, Uppsala 23-24 May 2020

Register to be a part of Kulturernas Karneval!

Kulturernas Karneval will soon again set the color of Uppsala and you are welcome to participate! Perhaps you have already in previous years been involved and enriched the program and longs to come back, perhaps you’ll be this year’s newcomers in the carnival. Kulturernas Karneval is a free event which each year attracts thousands of visitors to the carnival parade and festival area. There are three stages for performances, a food and handicraft market, art exhibitions and a children’s area. Let us conquer the streets and squares together to spread music, dance, joy and love in Uppsala!

Culture groups may register as participants in the carnival, stage performance, workshop or art exhibition. Associations, organizations and companies can register as participants in food and handicraft market or information activities. Read more about the different categories below.

We can not guarantee that all applications fit in the program due to space, but we promise to do the best we can. Fill in the form and we will contact you. Application deadline is March 12 2019.

The application is now closed and will open for 2020 in January. 


Carnival parade

The carnival parade is the heart of the Kulturernas Karneval and a true tradition in Uppsala! The carnival parade consists of music and dance groups and cultural associations, but it is also open to others who want to take the opportunity to do something fun together. The criterion is that there should be a cultural performance of any kind. Sign your group and participate in one of the largest carnivals in Sweden!



At the carnival, there are several stages for music performances, fully equipped with backline and sound engineers. In addition, there is the possibility of short pop-up appearances on the festival site. We’d love to have a wide range of musical styles represented in the program. You are welcome to sign up as a band or solo artist.


Dance and performing arts

Many of the stages are suitable for dance performances and other performing arts. There is also a stage for children if your appearance is aimed at the younger crowd. Everything from Swedish folk dance, samba, belly dance and street dance to spoken word, theater and circus is represented at the festival and we would like you to contribute to the variety of performing arts!


Information activities

Are you an association or an organization that wants to spread information about your business or activities? Then this category is for you. We wish that this square should reflect the rich variation of Uppsalas associations and we strive to create a meeting place where the visitors can be informed and involved in your associations. In this category we take a participation fee.

Pricing for participation



We want the market to reflect the multicultural food and crafts products of the region. On Kulturernas Karneval we strive to create a market environment where the visitors can easily move and browse among the stalls and take part of your products. In this category we take a participation fee.

Pricing for participation



We want the curious visitors to enjoy getting to try a variety of dance and musical styles and therefore we are coordinating a rich variety of workshops with different groups. Will you be one of the groups that hold a workshop? Maybe you will find new members who allow themselves to be captured by your activities!


Art exhibition

Would you as an artist like to show your work in our exhibition? During the festival, there is the opportunity to show your art to a wide audience. The exhibition will be held in a tent at the festival site and we have room for 6-8 artists. Welcome to be a part with your art!