A colorful festival and resounding cultural encounters in the English Park May 20-21

Carnival parade

One of Sweden’s biggest carnival and a Uppsala tradition you just can not miss! Hundreds of participants in various cultural groups together makes a sparkling parade that marches through the streets of Uppsala. Let yourself be carried away by the joy and rhythms!


The stages provide plenty of concerts with both nationally established artists and loads of groups from the local music scene. This year the carnival collaborates with Statens Musikverk (Swedish Performing Arts Agency) to invite some of the best artists in hip-hop, blues and world music. Watch out!


Movement, color and feeling – the joy of dance has the ability to affect the audience. Experience the swirling dance performances, from traditional folk dance to modern street dance. At the carnival, you can meet some of the region’s best dance groups.


In the market you can enjoy the scents and flavors of the different world cuisine, try lovely treats of all kinds and browse through the beautiful handicraft, jewelry and clothing.

Art exhibition

At the festival site we have a colorful art exhibition with works of art by local artists. We are moving art to the park and in the middle of the green, you can enjoy creative works to the tune of sweet music.


Try something new and challenge yourself – take part in an exciting workshop in oriental dance, yoga, samba, belly dancing or Qi Gong. Maybe you’ll find your new passion?

Theater and shows

Laugh uncontrollably for improvisational theater, be affected by a dramatic fire show, let out your playfulness of fun and games! Party place is full of exciting activities.

Childrens area

The children have their very own area filled with games, crafts, songs and games! Here are performances of magic and theater, circus, children’s own carnival parade and much more fun for the whole family!


At this square you will meet a great mix of organizations and associations which inform about their activities. Here you can find a mission in which your involvement is needed or where you can realize your dreams!

Welcome to Uppsala's happiest, most colorful and warmest weekend May 20 to 21!

Iinformation about the artists of the year, participating groups and program will be released in march

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